Kamuran BAYINDIR Department of Management Services

The Department of Adaptation to Climate Change and Local Policies fulfills its duties as a national focal point, to monitor the negotiation processes within the scope of international organizations and conventions on adaptation to climate change, to contribute to the development of policies in this area.

It ensures that studies are carried out or have carried out to determine national, local and sectoral compliance needs. It is carried out the processes of preparing or have prepared legislation and guides for the determination, monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies to climate change. It coordinates the sub-working group of the Coordination Board on adaptation to climate change.

Among the main tasks of the Department are to coordinate the preparation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of regional and local climate change action plans; to carry out and have the impact, vulnerability and risk assessment studies done on climate change and to ensure the national coordination of these studies; to carry out or have work done to inform and raise awareness about adaptation to climate change; national coordination, monitoring and reporting of the work carried out within the scope of the climate platform and associated online monitoring and evaluation systems; to make or have national and international projects on adaptation to climate change.

  • Title Department of Management Services
  • Phone 0 (312) 591 44 09
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  • E-mail yonetim@iklim.gov.tr