Department of Management Services

       The duties and powers of the Management Services Department are as follows:

  • To work on the manpower planning and personnel policy of the Presidency.
  • To make proposals regarding the development of the personnel system and the establishment of performance criteria.
  • To carry out the duties related to appointment, personnel, discipline, and retirement of the Presidency personnel
  • To carry out the procedures such as leave, domestic and international temporary and permanent assignment approval, and travel allowance of the personnel of the Presidency.
  • To prepare the training plan of the Presidency, to carry out pre-service and in-service training programs and related studies.
  • To prepare and manage the training plans to be held inside and outside the institution by cooperating with universities, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and international organizations on the subjects falling within the scope of the duty of the Presidency.
  • To organize seminars, symposiums, conferences, workshops, and similar activities on the subjects falling within the scope of the duty of the Presidency.
  • To carry out the library and archive services of the Presidency, to carry out all kinds of transactions related to the Presidency publications, and to organize and carry out general document activities.
  • Ensuring the use of appropriations allocated to the unit within the framework of Law No. 5018; executing leasing and purchasing business; performing cleaning, security, lighting, heating, repair, transportation, and similar services
  • To carry out the transactions regarding the movable immovables of the Presidency within the framework of the relevant legislation,
  • To plan and execute the civil defense and mobilization services of the Presidency.
  • Procuring, creating, and developing software related to information and communication needs, carrying out and coordinating works related to the establishment, maintenance, supply, development, and updating of information security, and information security.
  • To determine the principles and policies of cooperation, to ensure its security, and to ensure that the personnel undertaking duties in these matters receive regular in-service training in parallel with the developments in information technologies.
  • To organize and fulfill the services of the Presidency related to protocol, ceremony, visit, welcome, farewell, and hospitality.

      Head of Department : Kamuran BAYINDIR

      E-Mail Address         :

      Phone                        : 0 (312) 591 44 09