Department of Carbon Pricing

       The duties and authorities of the Carbon Pricing Department are as follows:

  • To carry out studies on market-based mechanisms and economic instruments, especially the emission trading system, and to determine the procedures and principles.
  • Carrying out studies on carbon offset and voluntary markets and determining the procedures and principles.
  • To follow the negotiation processes within the scope of the Presidency's duty and authority within the scope of international organizations, contracts, and cooperations for market-based mechanisms and economic instruments, and to fulfill its duties as a national focal point.
  • Carrying out studies to raise awareness of the relevant sectors regarding market-based mechanisms and economic instruments.
  • To make or ensure national regulations for all kinds of international carbon markets and to coordinate or have the reports be made within this scope.
  • To carry out, coordinate, and monitor national and international projects on market-based mechanisms and economic instruments.
  • Contributing to the determination of the policy regarding the management of revenues to be obtained from carbon pricing instruments.

      Head of Department : Eyüp Kaan MORALI

      E-mail address          :

      Phone                         : 0 (312) 591 44 12

Documents of Department of Carbon Pricing

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