Kyoto Protocol

General Information

The Kyoto Protocol was adopted in 1997 and entered into force in 2005 as the first step towards clarification of the steps to be taken in the fight against climate change. Flexibility mechanisms developed to achieve the reduction target determined in the protocol and sanctions to be applied in case of non-compliance are among the most important features that make the Kyoto Protocol different from other international environmental agreements. The Kyoto Protocol is the first international agreement to specify a quantified emission reduction target for Annex I parties.

The detailed implementation rules of the protocol were adopted at the 7th Conference of the Parties held in Marrakech in 2001. These rules, called the "Marrakech Accords", were approved in 2005 at the 1st Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol.

Afterward, the 13th Conference of the Parties held in Bali in 2007 was one of the most important meetings in the process of establishing the international climate regime after 2012. After this meeting, a process in which two-way international climate change negotiations were carried out under the titles of “Convention” and “Protocol” was entered.


Türkiye's Accession to the Kyoto Protocol

Following the adoption of the Law on the Approval of Our Participation in the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change No. 5386 by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on February 5, 2009, and the Council of Ministers Decision dated 13 May 2009 and numbered 2009/14979, the participation tool It became a Party to the Kyoto Protocol on 26 August 2009, upon its submission to the United Nations.

Türkiye, which was not a party to the UNFCCC when the Kyoto Protocol was created, was not included in the Annex-B list of the Protocol, where the quantified greenhouse gas emission limitations or reduction obligations of the Annex-I Parties were defined. In this context, the digitized emission reduction commitment of Türkiye within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol, the Doha Amendment, which was adopted for the reduction in the second obligation period (2012-2020) of the Kyoto Protocol, does not impose any obligations for Türkiye The Doha Amendment was approved by the Law published in the Official Gazette dated 03/04/2017 and numbered 30027.

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